Billing & Rating

Jet's advanced billing and rating provides unparalleled flexibility in creating of pricebooks and plan structures. Included in this section: - Invoicing - Multiple Realms Module - Provisioning


With a built in RADIUS server and integrating with numerous devices and providing simple hooks to external sources, Jet is the glue that holds a network together

Customer Care

Jet's online customer care portal allows new users to sign-up online, while existing users can view accounts details, usage and invoices, as well as request change of plans and other services.


Jet can use multiple Authentication method's to provide a comprehensive user or IP based billing and quota managements system

Data Features

Jet Billing System is the most advanced data quota management system in Australian Universities.

Voice Features

Jet’s voice billing module is included in the license fee, so Customers can now enjoy the benefits of supporting the one system for both networks.


Jet has standard and advanced reporting suites available to keep you informed on what is happening on your network.

High Availability

High Availability and Redundancy are available to ensure that your billing system performs to your specifications.