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Posted by Sharon Tyrer at Jul 08, 2011 06:44 PM |
2011 Questnet Conference is here!

Simon and I are off to Questnet next week. We've increased our sponsorship to Silver this year and will have a coffee lounge set up for all those who want to stop in and have a chat about billing. Plus, you could win a Nespresso Coffee Machine, simply by joining us for a cuppa!

Simon will be presenting a paper on Wednesday discussing the new reconciliation that Obsidian are performing at ANU between the PacketLogic statistics collected over the network, the netflow logs and the AARNet logs to see how accurate they all are.

We're also launching our new reporting server that gives you graphical and advanced reporting against your network - its all there now, so when the boss wants to know why the internet bill is so large, you can present a pie chart, bar graph and statistics on what your network is doing, and who is doing the usage over what protocol!

If you're at the Conference please do drop by and see us!